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Sepi Engineering Group
Raleigh, NC
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    Project Scope:
  • Renovation of 1960's Modern Building
  • Space Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design

Exterior renovation and interior completion of a Classic 1960s modern building space,which had been gutted back to a shell state. A three-story addition was added to the rear that connects all three floors by a common stair and an elevator for ADA accessibility.  An air lock was created by pulling the 2 story lobby façade out, also allowing access to natural light. The use of red mullions commands a strong street presence.  

With 1960’s retrospect in mind a color palette of warm, rich hues of brown, red and orange welcomes visitors, while the reception desk brings a modern feel with the mixture of perforated wood, 3 form decorative resin and stainless steel.  A brighter color palette was utilized in the basement providing a working environment that feels like anything but a basement.  Employees enjoy a break area on the lower level for informal collaboration meetings. Amenities such as showers and a work-out room were provided.

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