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General Services Administration project with Highwoods Properties receives LEED Silver Certification
June 27, 2011

HagerSmith Design PA's interior fitup project for the GSA at Highwoods’ Pamlico Building is now officially LEED Silver Certified.   Under the LEED-CI strand, the project team was able to achieve 55 points, achieving Silver level certification for the 62,000 SF project.   The project includes sustainable features that include optimization of energy performance in both lighting and HVAC, a 30% reduction of water usage, green power, low-emitting adhesives, paints and flooring systems and a commitment to interior air quality and comfort.  For information on HagerSmith Design PA's sustainable initiative be sure to check out all the work our Green Committee is doing here.

Siemens Medical Solutions project receives LEED Gold Certification
June 16, 2010

HagerSmith Design PA's project for Siemens Medical Solutions is now officially LEED Gold Certified. The project team was able to achieve 40 out out of a potential 69 points towards certification. For more information on the project and it's sustainable features that helped it to achieve LEED Gold visit our project information page here. And for information on HagerSmith Design PA's sustainable initiative be sure to check out all the work our Green Committee is doing here.

Siemens Medical Solutions project featured at AIA Conference in Miami
May 19, 2010

HagerSmith Design PA's LEED Gold project for Siemens Medical Solutions is being featured at the Energy Star challenge gallery during the AIA Convention in Miami, Florida. The project received a 98 Energy Star Design Rating and has an annual energy savings of 28,440,000 kBtu and a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions.

HagerSmith Design, PA receives Smith Seal Award from the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
May 5, 2010

HagerSmith Design, PA was awarded the Smith Seal of North Carolina Sustainable Business Award at the Pinnacle Business Awards Celebration. The event was hosted by the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce at the Raleigh Convention Center on May 4, 2010 and honored small, mid-sized and large Raleigh area companies that have made a significant impact in the business environment of Raleigh. HagerSmith Design PA was picked as a recipient based on the work of it's Green Committee and their continued effort to educate triangle decision makers on sustainable design through their Green Lecture Series and their design work with The Murphy School.



Green Lecture Series held on NC Green Power Program and Renewable Energy Resources
Green Lecture Series
April 20, 2010

On April 15, 2010 HagerSmith Design, PA held it's 11th lunch in it's Lunch-and-Learn series. This installment featured discussions by Martha Gettys, the Business Development Manager at NC GreenPower and Christine Maurer, the Director of  Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy at Advanced Energy.




Green Lecture Series held featuring Siemens Medical Solutions New Building
Green Lecture Series
March 16, 2010

HagerSmith Design, PA hosted the 11th installment of its Green Lunch-and-Learn series featuring Siemens Medical solutions, a LEED Gold office building, cafeteria, and parking deck in Cary, NC. The lunch featured a presentation by project architect Jim Smith, and construction manager Jeff Beam. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with the presenters, as well as Sarah Johnson, project interior designer, Patrick Cooke, project engineer, Sharron Scroggin, landscape architect, and Billy Cashion, the owner's project manager. The event ended with a tour of the facility.  For more information on the Siemens design project, please click here.


Green Lecture Series held on Energy Efficiency for Business
Green Lecture Series
October 29, 2009

HagerSmith Design, PA hosted its 10th installment of its Lunch-and-Learn series. The lecture featured Tony Lewis, PE.  Mr. Lewis has over 15 years experience in the A/E design world, and works with KEMA, Inc. who is assisting Progress Energy in implementing The Energy Efficiency for Business Program.  His discussion covered the program that offers cash incentives (rebates) for prescriptive (predefined) energy-efficiency measures as well as custom measures.




Siemens Medical Solutions receives Energy Star Designation
September 21, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency has listed Siemens Medical Solutions as a project Designed for Energy Star designation on their Web site for Energy Efficient Design Projects.

The EPA showcases projects and firms that are helping to fight global by reducing reduce carbon dioxide emissions warming through sustainable, energy-efficient building designs and by working with clients to ensure their goals for superior energy performance are achieved.

More information on the Siemens Medical Solutions project can be found here.


HagerSmith Design, PA Awarded Triangle Business Journal's Green Award
September 21, 2009

The Triangle Business Journal has awarded HagerSmith Design, PA with a Green Award for Green Educational Program of the Year for it's Green Lecture Series.

For over a year HagerSmith Design, PA has been holding bi-monthly Lunch & Learn's that focus on green issues facing the architectural, engineer, and construction industry. The lectures cover a range of topics on living, working and selling green.


Lunch Held on Green Marketing
Green Lecture Series
September 21, 2009

On September 3, 2009 HagerSmith Design Hosted Evelyn Contre, the Founder and Managing Director of Springleaf Strategies, a marketing consulting firm specializing in the commercial real estate and sustainability industries. Contre spoke to a crowd in the basement of HagerSmith Design on the principles of marketing as a green firm. The lecture included discussion on what successful green marketing is versus green washing and examples of both good and bad green marketing, as well as ideas for firms on how to start marketing green.


Green Lecture Series held on Principles and Practice in Geothermal Design
Green Lecture Series
June 25, 2009

HagerSmith Design hosted the 8th installment of its Green Lunch & Learn series, a pair of presentations by John Cole of REHAU Corporation and Joe Lemanski of Greenfire Development.

Cole represents REHAU, a European manufacturer of the RAUGEO System, a geothermal heating and cooling system suitable for residential, light commercial and commercial use. He gave an overview of geothermal heating and cooling principles, with some approximate cost figures.

Joe Lemanski is a Construction Manager with Greenfire Development in Durham, a private company that is dedicated to the physical and social revitalization of the city center. Mr Lemanski discussed a standing well system that Greenfire has installed at one of its historic rehabilitation projects in downtown Durham.


HagerSmith Design working for Triangle's top hiring companies
June 25, 2009

On May 1, 2009 the Triangle Business Journal published the top hiring companies in the Triangle in their print edition. HagerSmith Design is proud to be partnered with seven of the top ten hiring companies, including; UNC Hospitals, RTI International, Time Warner Cable and Talecris. Other HagerSmith client's on the list include Progress Energy, NetApp and Lenovo.


Maurice Johnson Receives LEED Accreditation
June 16, 2009

Maurice Johnson became HagerSmith Design's sixth LEED Accredited Professional on June 16, 2009 by passing the US Green Building Council’s accreditation test for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


HagerSmith Design to host Lunch-and-Learn on Principles and Practice in Geothermal Design
Green Lecture Series
June 15, 2009

On June 23, 2009 HagerSmith Design, PA will host it's 8th lunch in it's Lunch-and-Learn series. This installment will feature discussions from John Cole of REHAU, who will discuss an overview of geothermal heating and air conditioning systems, and Joe Lemanski, Construction Manager with Greenfire Development in Durham, who will discuss discuss his practical experience with the design and construction of standing column geothermal wells.

To be added to the mailing list for the event contact Organizer Sarah Johnson, LEED AP at sjohnson@hagersmith.com 


Scott Idol, RA Receives LEED Accreditation
May 18, 2009

Scott Idol, RA, became a LEED Accredited Professional on May 15, 2009 by passing the US Green Building Council’s accreditation test for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


HagerSmith Design Receives 2009 City of Raleigh Environmental Award
April 23, 2009

The free bi-monthly Green Lunch & Learn series hosted by HagerSmith Design won the 2009 City of Raleigh Environmental Award in the category of ‘Environmental Awareness' on Earth Day, April 22. HagerSmith Design and their Green Committee, the organizers for the Lunch & Learns, wish to thank Mayor Meeker and the City of Raleigh for the award, and extend their gratitude to all of the presenters whose expertise and passion for sustainability have helped to make this program a success.

The HagerSmith Design Green Lunch & Learn Series began in March of 2008 and was conceived from the realization that the broad-reaching and fast-evolving concepts and technologies surrounding sustainability are things with which we all struggle to stay current.  This bi-monthly series is free and open to the public.

Information on previous Lunch & Learns are below, marked with " Green Lecture Series." Contact Stephanie Coble at scoble@hagersmith.com to get on our invitation list.


Jim Smith, AIA, LEED AP presents AIA-NC Merit Award
April 22, 2009

Jim Smith presented Secretary of Cultural Resources Linda Carlisle the AIA-NC Merit Award awarded for the restoration of the Chowan County Courthouse State Historic Site.  The presentation was done on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol.  Joining Secretary Carlisle in receiving the award were Dr. Jeffrey Crow, Deputy Secretary of Cultural Resources, Keith Hardison, Director of the Division of State Historic Sites and Mark Cooney, Capital Projects Coordinator. 




Green Planet Catering and SOMAT speak on Green Restaurant Practices
Green Lecture Series
April 23, 2009

On April 14th, Daniel Whittaker spoke with a small crowd about Green Practices in the Restaurant and Catering industry. The staff and management team at Green Planet Catering is focused on delivering high quality catering services that feature foods that are locally grown, pesticide and hormone free, and meet a high standards of quality. Many of their more commonly grown produce items are grown at Green Planet Farms. Green Planet Farms provides the availability to control the environment when it comes to field crops, greenhousing, as well as aquaponics (symbiotic fish/plant farming). http://www.greenplanetcatering.com/news

Following Mr. Whitaker's presentation Pete Michailo with SOMAT Company presented a video demonstration of his company's Compostable Waste Decomposer, a system that can turn compostable kitchen waste into compost in less than 24 hours. For more information on SOMAT or to schedule a demostration of a composter visit their website at http://www.somatcompany.com

CaraGreen Speaks about Sustainable Architectural Materials for Interiors
Green Lecture Series

February 3, 2009

Thanks to Meredith College’s generous accommodations on January 28 HagerSmith Design hosted the 6th installment in their Green Lecture Series.  Speaking at this month’s event were Stacy Glass and Jessica McNaughton from CaraGreen.  The presentation focused on three major objectives: determining what makes a product truly “sustainable,” understanding a simple framework for selecting the best materials based on the project needs, and learning which new materials are replacing conventional building products.


Bryan Gibson Completes Requirements for Architectural Registration
February 3, 2009

This January Bryan Gibson passed the ARE tests and completed his requirements for architectural registration.


Lori Pittman Receives LEED Accreditation
December 5, 2008

Lori Pittman, IIDA, became a LEED Accredited Professional on November 24, 2008 by passing the US Green Building Council’s accreditation test for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


Dr. Hal House Speaks on Plant Based Technology for Water Treatment
Green Lecture Series
December 5, 2008

Hal HouseOn November 13th, high above downtown Raleigh’s treeline, HagerSmith Design held its fifth installment of their Green Lunch & Learn series.  Highwoods Properties hosted the event on the 17th floor of the new RBC plaza, where guest speaker Dr. Hal House of Integrated Water Strategies spoke on the topic of onsite waste, grey and storm water treatment, using low-impact plant based systems.  “It’s wonderful to have such beautiful views of our city as we engage in these talks and begin to imagine how we can integrate our designs into the paradigm of natural systems,” said Stephanie Coble, the event organizer.  Over one hundred guests including university students, design professionals, municipal staff, developers, construction managers, and real-estate agents attended this event.

To promote sustainable living, HagerSmith Design provided organic pizza and salad for guests with biodegradable utensils and plates. The pizza was provided by Lily's Pizza, a local pizzeria that uses local and organic ingredients.

Dr. Hal House:
Dr House is the founder and president of Integrated Water Strategies.  He has more than twenty five years of waste management/water quality experience, including fifteen years academic research with constructed wetlands to treat and reuse on-site domestic wastewater, and fifteen years experience monitoring non-point source runoff from agriculture, rural and urban development projects. Dr House initiated some of the first work in North Carolina evaluating constructed wetlands for the treatment of on-site domestic wastewater. He has developed original research, grants, managed projects and has presented research information during local, state, national and international conferences and workshops.

Integrated Water Strategies (IWS) Approach:
IWS develops onsite waste/ storm water recycling systems for residences, businesses, industry and institutions.  The technology utilized at IWS combines multiple filtration methods to create site-specific systems that are accurate and efficient in treatment.  IWS refers to these systems as Designed Ecosystems—one treatment process made of many complementary filtration techniques, both natural and designed.  Examples of individual system components employed include planter boxes, constructed wetlands, vegetated soil/sand filters, bioretention ponds, rain gardens, green roofs, etc.

For more information on Dr. House and Integrated Water Strategies, please visit his website http://waterrecycling.com/

A pdf of his powerpoint presentation can be viewed here (6 Mb, PDF).

For more information on HagerSmith Design’s Green Lunch & Learn series, contact Stephanie Coble at scoble@hagersmith.co


Tony Conner Named Chairman of the Board for ACE
Nov 4, 2008

The Raleigh Ace Mentor Program named Tony Conner as it's Chairman of the Board. Conner helped to organize and host ACE events in the past at HagerSmith. For more information the ACE Mentor Program visit http://www.acementor.org/


HagerSmith Design, PA Celebrates 2 annual Halloween Costume Contest
Nov 3, 2008

Visitors to HagerSmith Design, PA's downtown office may have been a little surprised on Friday October 31, 2008. A dozen employees participated in the 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest on Friday by dressing up in their most creative halloween costume. A panel of 4 judges selected 3 top place winners, with Food Service Consultant Barbara Bennet taking 1st place dressed as Cousin Itt from the Adam's Family. Architecture Group Manager Sam Franklin took Second place dressed as Sam from Dr. Seus's Green Eggs and Ham and third place went to Restaurant Designer Crystal Puluso dressed as a Lumber Jack.


Emilio Ancaya of Living Roofs speaks on Green Roofs
Green Lecture Series
October 27, 2008

Green RoofsOn October 2nd HagerSmith Design held its fourth installment of their Green Lunch & Learn series with guest speaker Emilio Ancaya of Living Roofs in Asheville. Mr. Ancaya is the founder of Living Roofs, Inc. He received his M.S. in Biology from Wake Forest University where he focused his studies in Plant Ecology.  His interests and experience goes beyond the hard sciences and has been most rewarding in the construction projects incorporating green practices where ecological principles are merged with the built environment.  Mr. Ancaya is actively involved in the ongoing research and development of green roofs, particularly the performance of native herbaceous plants on green roofs. 

 You can visit the Living Roofs website at:  www.livingroofsinc.com

 The Presentation covered the following
1. General background on green roofs.
2. The benefits of green roods.
3. Types of green roofs (extensive, semi-intensive, intensive)
4. Examples of plant types that can be used in green roofs.
5. Construction of green roofs that with an emphasis on structural modifications and an overview / description of the components of a green roof.
6. A short case study of a green roof construction project.

 A pdf of the power point presentation is available by clicking here (3 MB, PDF).


David Black Receives LEED Accreditation
September 8, 2008

David R. Black, AIA, became a LEED Accredited Professional on August 27, 2008 by passing the US Green Building Council’s accreditation test for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


Stephanie Coble named as EGB Outreach Chair
August 5, 2008

The Outreach Committee of the Triangle Chapter of the Emerging Green Builders has named Stephanie Coble as their Chair. The Emerging Green Builders is a sub-committee of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), consisting of university students and young professionals interested in promoting the green building movement.

As Outreach Chair she will help to plan events, to bridge relationships with various members of the building community, and to help in any other capacity seen fit by the EGB Core Committee to make our group stronger.

For more information on the Triangle Chapter of Emerging Green Builders visit their website here


Southern Energy Management speaks on Sustainable Energy
Green Lecture Series
August 5, 2008

HagerSmith Design’s August Green Lunch and Learn was a presentation by Sterling Bowen and Francis Conlin, PE, of Southern Energy Management, about Solar Power and Building Energy Modeling.  Bowen and Conlin are members of SEM’s Commercial Building Science Team.  Southern Energy Management is the largest sustainable energy services company in North Carolina.  They provide high performance building and energy efficiency consulting and verification, as well as providing renewable energy solutions in the area of photovoltaic, solar thermal and small wind systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Bowen reported that recent changes in North Carolina law require utility companies to increase the amount of power in their portfolio that comes from renewable sources. One of the ways that they are meeting this requirement is through buying energy from their commercial clients who produce significant amounts of power through photovoltaic or other solar power processes.  This will considerably reduce the payback period for solar power installations.   Bowen showed examples of photovoltaic installations, including ballasted, roof-mounted panels that are able to lay flat on the roof, reducing installation costs.  Conlin emphasized that for most buildings, non-solar improvements, such as reducing leakage of ductwork, improving lighting efficiency, and adjusting ventilation rates of HVAC systems can provide a much greater initial return on investment than solar power installations.

Building Energy Modeling is a process through which information about the climate, the site, local energy costs, and the building design are entered into computer programs to produce a model of energy use for that building.  The variables of the model can then be manipulated to evaluate tradeoffs, with the goal of achieving the best energy use at the lowest cost.  Building energy modeling is helpful with, or a requirement for meeting various types of green certifications, such as Energy Star for Commercial Buildings, Green Globes, and LEED.  A Federal tax deduction is also available for commercial projects that achieve a verifiable energy efficiency that is 50% above the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2001.  Bowen emphasized that the best time to do energy modeling is in the pre-design stage, when the building design parameters can be most-easily manipulated.

Southern Energy Management’s presentation can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.5 mb).


David Black named to North Carolina NRAC
July 18, 2008

David R. Black, AIA, has been named to the North Carolina National Register Advisory Committee for a two year term, beginning July 2008.  The North Carolina NRAC evaluates the eligibility of properties for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, which is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts worthy of preservation for their significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, and culture. Though the National Register is a federal program, nominations are submitted by the states through state historic preservation offices.

Black, who in addition to his architectural training has a master’s in historic preservation from Columbia University, is an experienced architectural historian and architectural conservator as well as a designer.


Picnic in the Park
June 18, 2008

In May HagerSmith Design, P.A. continued its 30th year celebration with a picnic at Pullen Park for their consultants.  More than 100 guests attended.

“Our projects could not succeed the way that they do without their help and this picnic was a small gesture to show them that we appreciate all they do,” said Sarah Johnson, Manager of HagerSmith Design’s Business Interiors Group. 

“We try to acknowledge the good work all our consultants do for us on a regular basis”, said Company President Tony Conner, “but this event is our way to show them how much they are appreciated.  We planned for the picnic to be held at Pullen Park because it was a convenient location and got us away from the office for the afternoon.”

Guests enjoyed a low country boil and played games while a three piece acoustical band provided live entertainment.   “I think everyone loved the food,” said Ms. Johnson.  “It was great to see people cut loose and play a little corn hole or bocce ball.”

Steve Schuster Speaks on New Convention Center
Green Lecture Series
June 10, 2008

The second installment of HagerSmith’s Green Lunch & Learn Series occurred on May 22, 2008 when Steve Schuster spoke on the design and LEED Certification of the new Raleigh Convention Center that is scheduled to open this fall. Schuster’s firm, Clearscapes, is one of 16 companies involved in the design of the downtown project.

The lecture was attended by local members of the design community and was followed by a question and answer session about particular strategies employed in the convention center to achieve LEED certification.

“If a convention center, a building type not inherent to fitting LEED criteria, can become certified, we can all find ways to incorporate green ideas into our designs” said Sarah Johnson, LEED AP, a member of HagerSmith Design’s Green Committee

Schuster’s lecture not only included aspects of the design tailored to LEED, but but the impact the center will have on downtown Raleigh.

“The City of Raleigh’s mandate that the new Convention Center be LEED certified demonstrates a commitment on the part of the City to environmentally-sensitive design in public buildings and particularly in downtown,” said David Black, AIA, “It will act as a model for sustainable private development in the area.”

If you would like more information on the Green Lunch & Learn series, please contact Stephanie Coble at scoble@hagersmith.com


New Staff Changes
May 5, 2008

The interiors group welcomed their new Group Manager Sarah Johnson, LEED AP, on Monday April 28. Ms. Johnson has been with the interior’s group since 2006. She was formerly a project manager for the Interior Design group before making the change to the new position and has worked on some of HagerSmith Design’s largest projects.

On Monday May 5 HagerSmith Design, PA hired Mo Johnson as member of their Architecture Group.  Mr. Johnson began his career in architecture two years ago after completing the Masters program in the School of Architecture at North Carolina State University.


Paragon Bank receives Best Redevelopment Project Award
May 5, 2008

On April 25 the Triangle Business Journal published the 2008 Champion Awards awarded by Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women in the journals first quarter issue of “Space”.  TCREW Awarded Paragon Bank the Best Redevelopment Project Award. Scott Idol, RA, with HagerSmith Design, PA was the architect for the project and worked with the bank to design a complete renovation in which the building was stripped back to its steel skeleton and rebuilt.

According to a September, 2007 article in the News and Observer, by renovating an existing building as opposed to building a new office, Paragon was able to save about 15 percent. The article can be found on the News and Observer web site here.


Halifax Jail Interior Reconstruction Opens
April 14, 2008

HagerSmith Design recently completed design and construction administration for the reconstruction of mid-19th century jail cells at Historic Halifax, part of the North Carolina system of State Historic Sites. The Halifax Day dedication of the new facility was the culmination of more than two years of work, and realized a goal of the Historical Halifax Restoration Association dating back to the 1950s.

The 1838 jail at Historic Halifax had been through a number of interior renovations, culminating in the gutting of a set of 1890s jail cells during a 1960s restoration of the exterior of the building. Subsequent archeological investigations of the interior of the jail uncovered basic information about the original cell layout and a substantial 1850s renovation. It was decided to interpret the building to the 1850s period.

As part of the design process for the cell reconstruction, HagerSmith reviewed archeological reports from two excavations of the interior and examined the artifacts that were associated with them. Additional documentary research was carried out by the design team to discover typical jail cell construction from the mid-19th century period, particularly in North Carolina. Using these sources as a base, plans were prepared for the reconstruction of three jail cells; two for felons, and another larger cell for debtors. A cutaway model was included as part of the interpretation of the wall construction.

Because the jail interior is to be part of the historic site’s self-directed tour, discreet occupancy-controlled illumination had to be provided and revisions made to the existing fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. In order to make the new displays accessible to the disabled, new handicapped parking was created with an elevated accessible path that made maximum use of the existing topography.


NCSU Professor Will Hooker speaks on Permaculture
Green Lecture Series
April 7, 2008

On March 26th, the Green Committee at HagerSmith kicked off the first presentation in its Green Lunch & Learn Series, with notable guest speaker Will Hooker.  

The Green Committee was recently established at HagerSmith to guide the firm in finding opportunities to “green” the office, and to educate staff on topics surrounding sustainability.

“As individuals, we strive to incorporate these ideals into our daily lives and more importantly, as design professionals, broaden our understanding and skill set for clients wanting to embrace these ideas into their green projects," said Stephanie Coble, a member of the Green Committee.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Will Hooker on several occasions, and I know sustainability to be an issue he holds close to his own heart,” said Coble, “When I told him of our newly formed Green Committee, he offered to come and speak about permaculture, a class he teaches every fall at Sate.”

Hooker, who received his Masters in Landscape Architecture from NCSU, and now teaches in the school’s Horticulture Department, has researched permaculture around the world.

“Most notable was a ten month sabbatical to 11 countries, working in hundreds of permaculturally-inspired landscapes,” said Coble.

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of cultivated ecosystems which have the diversity, sustainability and resilience of natural ecosystems.  It involves a harmonious integration of the landscape, people and appropriate technologies to provide food, shelter, energy and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.

Guests of the event included NCSU landscape architecture students, members of the Emerging Green Builders and of the Young Architects Forum, as well as HagerSmith staff. 

Hooker followed his presentation with a question and answer session about permaculture and how it could be implemented by the audience in their work and homes.

Hooker’s presentation can be downloaded here.


Company Founder Mike Hager Honored
March 3, 2008

On Friday, February 22, 2008 HagerSmith Design, PA honored company founder, Mike Hager with a retirement party in Vaughn Towers over Carter Finley stadium at NCSU.  Hundreds of former employees, clients, friends and family attended the event as Hager spoke with everyone about his plans to transition his career path and concentrate more on his work in Agriculture and developing his love of the arts.

His new career path will not alter the direction of HagerSmith Design, PA thanks to his strong commitment to the development of talent among the remaining designers.

“The lessons Mike gave to us all are far too many to mention, just ask any employee what they learned from Mike Hager and you realize the influence he has had on each one of us and in the formation of his of his greatest legacy…HagerSmith Design” said Tony Conner, company president.

Hager now plans to spend more time on his farm and developing his skills as a painter. His commitment to architecture and his clients has not ended though.

“While Mike is no longer employed by HagerSmith Design we are planning to continue our relationship and have kept the door open to consult with him when the firm needs additional insight and wisdom on certain projects” said Conner.

HagerSmith Design, PA plans on continuing with the momentum that Hager has given the company.

“Mike’s success has built the foundation and solid footing for HagerSmith Design to serve our clients for another 30 years and beyond” said Conner.


HagerSmith Design Celebrates 30 Years in Business!
January 1, 2008

The beginning of 2008 marks the 30th year in operation for HagerSmith Design.We are not only proud of our buildings that have become landmarks in the North Carolina Community, but in the relationships we have built along the way. So much of who our success can be attributed to who we have partnered with in the past and look forward to working with in the future.

Our accomplishments have been numerous. We are proud to have participated with small leasing companies that have grown to be top competitors in the market. We were among the first in looking at creating more energy efficient buildings before green design was a hot topic. Our involvement in many of the commercial development master plans can be seen around the Research Triangle Park.

As we not only remember our past we find ourselves looking to create the next chapter in our history and invite our friends, clients and business associates to join us in celebrating our anniversary throughout the coming year. Events and news will continuously be added to our newly redesigned Web site, so make sure to continue checking in.


Web Site Launch
January 1, 2008

A bold new look has been added to the HagerSmith Design web site, http://www.hagersmith.com, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of our company. HagerSmith Design is launching it’s new site design which will provide visitors with a complete overview of the company as well as important tools for clients. New features of the site include a direct portal to the company’s FTP site where clients can easily access their files, a client resources page containing useful information for the A/E/C industry as well as current news from the HagerSmith Design Team.

Principal Architect Featured in Regional Newspaper
January 1, 2008

The home of Jim Smith, AIA was featured as the “Home of the Month” in the News and Observer’s Saturday, November 24th edition (available on line here). The Home of the Month series is a joint project of the N & O and the NCSU School of Architecture to showcase examples of residential design excellence. Jim Smith of HagerSmith Design, PA was the architect for this project which renovated an 1840’s Cotton Gin into a loft style residence for Smith and his wife. The project received an Anthemion Award from Capital Area Preservation this year, and qualified for North Carolina’s tax credits for restoration of historic non-income producing properties.

Historic Project in Apex receives Anthemion Award
January 1, 2008

The renovation of the W. A. Hinton Hardware building in Apex, NC received an Anthemion Award from Capital Area Preservation recently. Jim Smith of HagerSmith Design, PA was the architect for this federal and state historic preservation tax credit project. The attic of the building was converted from storage to office space for the owner’s civil engineering firm, while the street level floor was restored for retail use.


Designers Contribute to Local Food Shelter
December 19, 2007

Employees of HagerSmith Design, PA donated 14 cases of food to The Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen, a food kitchen located in Downtown Raleigh that has been helping hungry people since 1980.

Donations organizer Sam Franklin worked with The Shepard's Table Soup Kitchen and Joe's Place Restaurant to order and deliver the food donations. ""the Shepherd’s Table is a shining example of selflessness and caring throughout the year," Franklin said.

Funds for the food were donated from HagerSmith employees, who also helped to deliver the food.

"It is important to take a moment from time to time to reflect on how fortunate we are," Franklin said. "We simply wanted to “pitch in” and help out our neighbors."

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