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4-H Environmental Education
Conference Center
Tyrell County, NC
    Project Scope:
  • Programming study
  • Master planning
  • Landscape architecture
  • Site planning
  • Architecture
  • Construction administration
  • Sustainable Features:
    Minimized Site Disturbance
    Utilization of Recycled and Local Materials
    Recycling of Construction Waste
    Passive Solar Design
    Geothermal HVAC system
Located on the Albemarle Sound, this 242 acre property was developed as a state of the art, year round conference and education center. The master plan included both a conference center with auditorium that could accommodate important 4-H and other group conference functions and a youth oriented camp emphasizing environmental education with supporting education, recreational and lodging facilities. The facility has been heavily utilized since it’s opening by a wide variety of groups. Sustainable design features of this project include minimized site disturbance, utilization of recycled and local materials, recycling of construction waste and use of passive solar design and geothermal HVAC systems to minimize energy usage.
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